As stunningly beautiful as these heavy snowfalls can be, they create the most annoying damage.  When we arose from bed, we looked out the windows to see that two large branches from the oak tree arching over our house had broken off, one landing on the patio and the other on the roof.  Looking out the downstairs windows, I could see that the larger branch clobbered two of the patio chairs (not much of a loss, really) and the other had dented the rain gutter and cracked the fascia.  I went back upstairs and climbed out the window onto the roof (it’s the easiest way to get there) and saw that as it fell, one of the branches knocked off the top of our furnace flue.  Very annoying.

Actually, it’s more than annoying.  I do not handle this sort of disruption very well.  They upset my sense of order and, as Rachel astutely pointed out, make me uncomfortable because they are out of my control.  There’s nothing I could have done to prevent it and little I can do to make it go away as quickly as I would like.  We are fortunate that the damage was mostly aesthetic (as with Irene, what a mess!) and aside from the loss of power, we have not really been greatly affected.  Still, it is something that will have to be dealt with and because nothing here is very critical, it will have to wait until after the real emergencies are addressed.

On the positive side, we have developed strong relationships with our tree service, general contractor, chimney sweep and oil company.  We should be able to get the repairs arranged—if not performed—in short order.