The first batch of radishes has been growing for over two weeks and the sprouts have reached a height of about one inch.  Each row of seedlings is getting very crowded and needed to be thinned out.  The seed packet instructs us to thin to a spacing of two inches but that seems a bit radical at this stage; the roots of the sprouts have not developed significantly.  Instead, we thinned the rows until there was about one inch between seedlings.  We will let the remaining sprouts grow for another week and thin them further if they look like they need it.  The seed packet indicates that the radishes will be mature by then but given their current state, that seems unlikely.

For each clump of radishes, we chose the smallest sprouts and pulled them out by the roots, being careful not to disturb the neighboring radishes that remain (we have read that they can also be nipped off at the soil surface if there is fear of damaging the surviving plants).  I brushed the soil off of one and gave it a chew.  The flavor is primarily vegetal in a generic sense but there was a slight sulfur tang just before I swallowed.  Definitely radishes.

We saved all of the culled sprouts, gave them a wash and this evening dressed them with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.  Rachel and I each had a single bite of this minimalist salad, the first produce of our 2012 garden and an amuse bouche to whet our appetites for future garden meals.