Warning:  insect photo below.

I went out to check on the garden this morning—shortly after sunrise, much earlier than usual—and was greeted with a discomfiting sight:  a wriggling mass of creepy-crawlies.  They were clustered underneath sections of the soaker hose (what is about insects that they congregate in dark, slimy spaces?—in amongst the radishes and beets and looked like small centipedes.  I’m guessing that they are the larval stage of some type of moth but I could not find a similar insect described online or in my gardening books.

Later in the morning, when the sun had cleared the mountains and was shining directly on garden, the insects were nowhere to be seen.  Like vampires, apparently, they flee sunlight.  We have seen no signs of distress in any of our plants but will keep an eye out.  The larvae may not be harmful but the adults they morph into might be.