We really shouldn’t leave our terra cotta pots outdoors over the winter.  Sure, the weather was relatively mild for the Northeast but we did have rain, a little snow and many days when the temperature dropped below freezing.  As a result, at least two of our pots suffered freeze-thaw damage and will have to be scrapped.

What is bad for the terra cotta, however, is good for the herbs and several of them survived the winter.  Although most of it died back, the spearmint is starting to re-emerge as is the sage which looks like it will flower shortly.  Surprisingly, the tarragon is also showing new growth.  Of all the herbs we grew last year, it seemed the most delicate and I thought that it would have perished in sub-freezing weather.  Instead, it went dormant.

To replace the herbs that did perish, we bought seedlings at the garden center yesterday of the following herbs:

  • Rosemary
  • Golden-edged sage
  • Sweet marjoram
  • Oregano
  • French thyme

We replanted the old sage in the patio garden, next to the very old oregano that has returned for yet another year.  For all of the other herbs, we played musical pots, first dumping all of the old soil into a wheelbarrow, then cleaning out the dead roots and mixing in new potting soil and finally, returning the freshened soil and new seedlings to the empty containers.  Our adjunct herb garden is back in business.