I took a peek at the radishes this afternoon and was startled to see that some of them were peeking back.  The older plants have finally started to develop this past week and the tops of a few of them have pushed up and into view.  Apparently, this is not unusual and provides a handy indicator of their size and ripeness.  The bulbous portion of the radish (does this have a botanical name?) which forms very near the soil surface is now about a half-inch in diameter.  It won’t be long until they are ready to eat.

Also this afternoon, I thinned the rows of the youngest radishes (this is the last pass for them) and culled all of the beets to a spacing of about two inches.  The beets still have a long way to go (the seedlings are small and the portion of the root that will become the beet has not begun to enlarge) and we may thin them further as they continue to grow.