Warning:  Insect photo below.

Trolls in the dungeon!  Ghosts in the castle!  Aphids in the garden!

Yesterday, I would have sworn they were not there but Rachel spied them on the Sugar Snap peas this morning.  Is it any wonder that people once believed in spontaneous manifestation (or in our case, spontaneous infestation)?  There were scads of them, especially on one of the plants, whose top half had been replaced by a small colony.  We remained calm and removed as many as we could by hand (including clipping off the top of the most-affected plant).  In some cases, we pulled out the mulch surrounding a plant and disposed of it (along with any aphids hiding therein).

In the evening, there were still several aphids scattered throughout the pea plants, which we promptly removed.  We killed all of the aphids we could see and will check again in the morning.