Once again, a critter has been digging around in the planters.  We have yet to see anything bigger than a tomato horn worm in the garden—the visitor must be nocturnal—and so far (knock on wood), whoever it is only seems to be interested in the soil or, perhaps, something buried in it  (insects?).  None of the plants have been disturbed.

Finding the divots in the mulch and the burrows in the soil stimulates a strong reflex in me to repair the damage.  My protective reaction supersedes, for example, my tendency to photograph every new and different occurrence in the garden.  Therefore, no pictures.  However, the garden looks like our bed after the cats have frolicked and cavorted on its freshly-made linens:  mostly smooth and flat but with several large wrinkles and dimples.  Whatever animal it is, I hope it is having as much fun as the cats do.