The nylon netting on which our Sugar Snap Pea plants are climbing provides a continuous visual readout of the progress of their growth.  The strings are spaced at 6” in both directions and create a vertical sheet of transparent graph paper.  Each plant is inching up the sheet, a real-time bar chart of its progress.

Their growth is rapid.  If the peas were stocks, they would be exactly what we’d be looking for in an investment.  As vegetables, they are exactly what we are looking for as a component of a healthy and diversified garden portfolio.

Their only downside is that the aphids persist.  They are a hostile takeover attempt that must be fended off at any cost.  As the primary stockholders, we have taken our fight to the boardroom—no voting by proxy on this one—and continue to pick off the unwelcome looters who are trying to liquidate our assets.

As a hedge against this, we have also invested in gold, Sun Gold cherry tomatoes to be precise.  The plant has produced its first fruit—two tiny tomatoes have already formed—and will be paying dividends soon.  With several blossoms already pollinated and the entire summer ahead of us, we hope to realize a huge return on this prized investment.