We had dinner tonight at a favorite restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen called Casellula (www.casellula.com).  Restaurant is not quite the right term for it; it is not nearly so formal.  It calls itself a cheese and wine café but I don’t think that fully captures it either.  Yes, its emphasis is on wine and cheese—they have extensive but manageable lists of both—but they also have an appetizing variety of other dishes that vary both in complexity and size.  It is a great place to experiment with food and wine.

The star dish of the evening was something they called Spring Fever Crostini:  Thick slices of toasted rustic bread slathered with pecorino spread and fava bean pesto and sprinkled with bits of chorizo and sun-dried tomato.  It was as delicious as it sounds (more, actually) and we will try to recreate it at home.

To top it off, the crostini were garnished with pea shoots.  When Rachel saw this, a light bulb snapped on over her head.  Her idea:  plant a few rows of peas and use the sprouts solely for salads, stir-frys, garnishes and—why not?—snacking.  Because we will not be growing the peas to maturity, we can plant them wherever we can find the space.  Brilliant!