We are preparing, bit by bit, to pave the garden area to make the planters more accessible and easier to mow around.  We still have not decided on a material (more on that in a later post) but part of the process is getting things off the ground.  The hose has been cluttering up the area between the planters and the fence and we needed to install a rack to store it off the ground.  Most of the racks we have looked at in catalogs or at home centers are too large and heavy (e.g., cast iron models) or too utilitarian or chintzy (plastic ones).

While browsing the garden section at the Home Depot, we noticed that a wrought iron hook, intended for hanging plants, would probably make a serviceable hose rack if installed upside down.  Taking a chance, we bought one, attached it to a fence picket and coiled the hose onto it.  It looks great.  I was amused that the fasteners supplied with the hook were pretty wimpy, only #6 or #8.  They would not have supported a pot of any size, never mind 25 feet of garden hose.  Instead, I used #14 screws (which are almost 1/4” in diameter) made of stainless steel so that they do not corrode.

Now, then.  What to do about the watering can?