Jay returned to the farmers’ market today along with several tables covered with a wide and varied assortment of vegetable plant seedlings.  He is known for his heirloom tomatoes and from the two dozen or so available we picked the following:

  • Yellow Brandywine (last year’s best performer)
  • Pink Brandywine (with the yellow and red, we will have a complete set)
  • Lillian’s Yellow (yes, we particularly like yellow varieties)
  • Trucker’s Favorite (new to us; couldn’t pass up based on the name)

We also got some lemon cucumbers to fill out cucurbit section of the garden.

We brought the plants home in the morning but did not get to planting them until the afternoon.  By then, thunderstorms were rumbling through the neighborhood, occasionally dumping buckets of rain on us.  Planting during a thunderstorm is definitely a thrilling activity.  When the rain got too heavy or the lightning too close, we took temporary refuge on the back porch (it’s a great place to sit out passing storms).

On Back Road Journal, I read an interesting post by blogger Karen about the progress of the tomato plants she has been raising from seed (http://backroadjournal.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/growing-by-leaps-and-bounds/).  When moving the seedlings from one pot to another, she buries them up to their first set of true leaves.  Apparently, the stems will sprout roots, giving the plant a deeper root system.  We took this approach when planting our newest tomatoes (and last for this year) in the ground.