As an indicator that it is not too far gone, the Sun Gold tomato plant offered up another cherry tomato that is slowly, but surely, increasing in size.  That brings the total to three.  Actually, the presence of these tomatoes shows that we must be doing something right because mid-June is very early for tomatoes.  Nonetheless, I was worried that after the Sun Gold had had its blossoms nibbled off (I still do not know by whom), its fruit-bearing capacity would be adversely affected.  As I said before, things just keep on growing.

Thinking ahead, we have been wondering what to do with the space when all of the Sugar Snap peas have been harvested.  It is getting ahead of ourselves—we haven’t started picking them yet—but their season is short and there is no advantage to leaving them growing when their productive days have passed.  Theoretically, we will have the same issue when the beets are done.  It is time to look into succession planting.