I said that everything just keeps on growing (see June 10, 2012, part 2) but watching the lettuces, I am not so sure that this is always the case.  How can they still be the same size as they were when they first sprouted, more than a month ago?  The sun continues to shine (most of the time) and the rain still falls (or the hose runs).  Even if the soil is weak, it is not completely devoid of nutrients (the tomato plants are starting to bear fruit).  I’m not sure how much longer we will wait for the lettuces to show more significant signs of life but we will wait.  Patience is a virtue in the garden (although my dad might have observed that hope springs eternal).

Meanwhile, the penstemon flowers have started to wither away.  I am sorry to see them go.  The penstemon have all but taken over our main ornamental garden (they used to fill in the gaps between other plants; now, the other plants have to fight to keep from being crowded out) and when they are in bloom, the garden becomes a field of small, densely-clustered white flowers (which make me think of kernels of popping corn or bubbles rising from the bottom of an aquarium).  When they fade and drop off the stems, the garden reverts to a state of uniform green, at least until the butterfly bushes and Rose of Sharon start to bloom.