A wise man (you know who you are) once pointed out to me that saying yes to one thing means saying no to others.  This is certainly true of gardening!  Committing to the vegetables involves a not insubstantial investment of time and energy (to ensure even modest success).  And if the gardener cannot find the time each day to water, prune, fertilize or otherwise tend to their needs, the plants will not wait until the weekend.  They will go on trying to grow and if the delay is too long, they will expire.  So it is the other things that have to be put off.

This is not necessarily a bad thing.  Many of the tasks that take up the waking hours of the day are the kind that I don’t always want to do in the first place:  balancing the checkbook, taking out the recycling, and paving around the planters.  It is nice to have an excuse—I mean reason—to postpone these activities until some undetermined time in the future.

Of course, not everything can be put off indefinitely.  So I am taking advantage of this relatively slow period in the garden to catch up on some of the tasks I have said no to over the last few weeks.  These include weeding the ornamental gardens, adding more cedar mulch to cover the bare spots and replenishing the gravel in the front yard and parking areas.  These are not the most onerous tasks I have on my list but it is satisfying to cross them off.  Tomorrow, it is back to the vegetables.