Today we said goodbye to the Sugar Snap pea plants.  Growing them was intensely satisfying—they needed little attention and performed extremely well—and the peas were a delicious treat.  I am sorry to see them go and look forward to growing them again.

We snipped their stems at the surface of the soil (so as not to disturb their root system and the beneficial bacteria that might be present), carefully untied their tightly knotted tendrils (or pinched them off, where they were too snarled) and pulled the tangled vines free.  We scoured the area for residual aphids and, finding several, scooped up the surrounding mulch as well.  We threw everything into the de facto compost pile that is accumulating at the back of our property.

We’ve been considering what next to plant in the space and string beans are the latest contender.  Therefore, we left the trellis in place.   We’re not moving very quickly on this one—the zucchini might still need the space—and want to keep our options open as long as possible.  We spread a layer of compost over the area and then re-covered it with mulch.

We gave the tomato plants another dose of liquid fertilizer and spritzed them with the herbal insect repellent.  All of the plants look healthier and most of them have blossoms, immature (but developing) fruit, or both.  It appears that what they needed was a little bit of love and attention, which we are happy to give.