Warning:  Insect photos below (cute insects, but still).

Today we are on red alert:  Striped cucumber beetles have been spotted on the (can you guess?) cucumber plants.  Also, spotted beetles have been, um, spotted on the squash plants.  This is not good.  Last year, we saw one beetle—just one—and bacterial wilt followed a week or two later.  This year, there are several.  Could they possibly have morphed from the larvae I saw back in April (see April 21, 2012)?  That was a long time ago.

I tracked down as many as I could and killed all of them.  Then, I sprayed everything liberally with the organic herbal insect repellent.  As with the aphids, we will need to be vigilant and eliminate as many of the beetles as we can.  In the meantime, we will start eating the cucumbers, just to be on the safe side.

This evening, we harvested two of the Pickalot cucumbers, one of the slicing cukes and two of the zucchini.  As predicted by Jay, our farmer friend, the first zucchini never got bigger than about 1/2” in diameter by 3” long (we could tell that it had stopped developing because its flower-end started to yellow).  The second zucchini, by contrast, was about three times a wide and twice as long.  They all went into a chopped salad along with some store-bought cherry tomatoes.