The cucumber beetles continue to inhabit their namesake plants.  They like to spend the night in the comfy interior of the small yellow blossoms.  I’m glad they like to nest there because it makes it easy for me to find and eliminate them.  Each morning, I make the rounds of the cucumber vines and evict the little bugs (permanently) as I encounter them.

While making my sweep this morning, I noticed that a leaf on one of the cucumber plants has shriveled up.  This is not unlike the appearance of last year’s cucumber leaves when bacterial wilt began to manifest itself.  However, the leaf was still green and there was just the one.  I won’t panic yet.

This evening, we did a side-by-side comparison of freshly-picked Slicing and Pickalot cucumbers.  Both are delicious, no doubt.  The slicing cucumber is a bit firmer, somewhat less juicy (though by no means dry) and milder of flavor.  The Pickalot cucumber, on the other hand, is juicier and sweeter.  Its flavor belies the close relationship of cucumbers to melons.  If I were tasting them while blindfolded, I might mistake them for an under-ripe Honeydew.