Two weeks ago, we harvested at least half of the sweet basil, snipping off each main stem about a foot above soil level (see July 23, 2012, part 2).  Today, the basil was back to two feet tall and ready for another trimming.  Rachel cut them back at roughly the same place as before and this afternoon, made another batch of pesto.  It’s only early August and already, our freezer is full.  We need to start looking for other basil recipes.

There are lots of little zucchini squashes developing but not all parts of the plant are happy.  The main stem is getting yellow and ropy where it comes out of the ground and some of the young squashes are looking a bit pale and shriveled.  We decided to cut off preemptively the less viable looking fruits so that the vine does not waste any more energy on them.  We did the same about a week ago and hope that the trend does not continue.