It is a rite of passage from inexperienced to worldly gardener that, even after diligently checking the progress of ripening zucchinis, a squash will be overlooked, hidden beneath a canopy of leaves as large as elephant ears, entwined in a tangle of stems and vines, or nestled low in a thick bed of straw mulch, allowing it to grow to gargantuan size.  Or at least, very big.

We discovered one such squash this afternoon.  I’m sure that other gardeners have grown larger zucchinis and we may yet miss another this season but the squash we harvested today is easily twice as big as any we have picked before today.  Our wonder is that we did not notice it yesterday.  Can a zucchini really double in size over night?  Yes, apparently.

No complaints, though.  It is not too big to eat (and should grill nicely).