Our zucchini has two main stems—one spreading to the east, one to the west—and two shorter stems in the middle, growing more-or-less upward.  The main stems are still producing healthy squash (we picked another big one today) but the two central stems are struggling.  The fruits they set remain small and yellow and never seem to fill out.

It is possible that squash vine borer larvae are the source of our zucchini’s troubles.  There are splits on the main stems and in the afternoon, some (but not all) of the leaves wilt, even when the surrounding leaves and other plants do not.  I have not seen any larvae (they do not leave their cozy kitchens within the hollow stems) and I have not seen any adult moths but there are a lot of creatures that come and go in the garden that I do not see.

Regardless, our zucchini is a trouper and soldiers on.  Besides the established stems, there is another central stem that is starting to emerge.  It is still quite small but has sprouted several leaves and there is already a blossom or two.  That’s the spirit!