While the tomatoes have been flamboyantly flashing their bright shades of orange and red and the zucchini and cucumbers have been playing out their melodrama of insect and disease persecution, the string beans have been quietly growing.  The Blue Lake variety are proving themselves as climbers and have already reached to the top of the trellis, a lofty perch they share with a wandering vine of the slicing cucumbers.  The tip of the tallest vine is now lunging up and out, looking for a higher point to cling to.

The French Filet string beans, on the other hand, are holding the low ground.  They have not reached any higher than about 12 inches but true to their type, they are getting bushier.  This morning, we noticed a few preliminary blossoms which I take to mean they are happy with their environment.

The string beans still have a long way to go—we don’t expect to be eating any until after Labor Day—but they are well on their way.