While rummaging through my backpack (in preparation for an out-of-town trip), I found this fortune:  “You will enjoy life and will share it with others.”  I don’t remember which Chinese restaurant provided the cookie so I have probably been carrying the little strip of paper around with me for months, if not years (there are no decent Chinese restaurants around here so we do not eat Chinese food often).

Amusingly, the fortune sounds more like a directive than a prediction.  It might just as well read, “You shall enjoy life and shall share it with others”, with the trailing “or else” implied but not stated.  It is an imperative along the lines of one of Ashleigh Brilliant’s postcards that commands, “Force yourself to relax.”

Either interpretation works for me.  I believe that it is part of my purpose in life—a core value—that I find ways to celebrate this wonderful life we live (Rachel and I specifically and we humans in general) and to try to spread the joy to the people around me.  This blog is a good example of a way that I satisfy this obligation to myself and to others.

As a prognostication, then, my fortune cookie was spot-on and as a result, it becomes an imperative.  It is a core value and I have no choice but to heed it.