Changes in the garden are small and incremental.  You may not notice anything from day to day.  But go away for a few days or a week and all of those changes accumulate into a quantum leap ahead (or back).  The garden was our first stop after unpacking and my immediate reaction is that everything looks different.

Which is not to say that anything looks bad.  The garden is in fine condition (thanks to Rachel’s parents who watched over it while we were away) but things are starting to wind down.  For example, the zucchini plant has several squashes almost ready for harvesting but its leaves and main stem are becoming increasingly covered with powdery mildew.  Similarly, the leaves of the cucumber plants are now mostly yellow and dry and there are fewer fruits ripening.

The biggest surprise—and, frankly, disappointment—is the tomato plants.  They have yet to fill out and look like they may remain spindly.  Most of the tomatoes are still green and even when they ripen, there will not be that many of them.  Did we over-prune?  Clearly, it is time to fertilize again.

On a more positive note, the eggplant appears to have reached its maximum size so we harvested it.  We’ll slice it and throw it on the grill or maybe we’ll leave it whole and roast it to make baba ganoush.  Either way, it looks like it will be tasty.

And another surprise:  The mesclun is making a modest comeback.  We clear-cut the lettuce patch more than a week ago (see August 17, 2012) but left the roots in the ground.  Apparently, the little plants have enough energy remaining in them to yield another harvest or two before the weather turns cold.