Today marked the inglorious end to our zucchini plant.  It had performed well, producing enough squash for several batches of soup, a few grill dinners, zucchini bread (see July 14, 2012) and an extremely delicious grilled pizza.  We had enough to give some away (I consider this a production milestone) but not more than we could easily use (next year’s target).  For most of the season, the vine valiantly resisted squash beetles and powdery mildew and even now, it is still green and producing new growth.

But the short days and cold nights of the late summer/early fall were inhibiting squash development.  Also, despite my treatments, the plant was losing ground against the powdery mildew.  With much respect but without any fanfare, we cut the vine into sections, pulled out its deep and extensive roots and disposed of it.  Probably the only ones not sorry to see the zucchini go are the French Filet bush beans which now enjoy more direct sunlight.

Just before going in, I remembered that I still had some dairy spray in the fridge.  I no longer need it for the zucchini so maybe I’ll use it in my morning coffee instead…