I have extolled the virtues of getting up early (see September 20, 2012, for instance) but at this time of year, as the day shortens and the sun rises later and later, I have to admit that it has been getting increasingly difficult to haul myself out of bed in the morning.  The setting on the alarm clock has crept forward to 6:30 and often it is not until closer to 7:00 that I actually throw back the sheets and launch myself into the day.

It is only temporary.  At some point shortly after the time change (which offers a brief reprieve), I will face up to the fact that for the next six months, I will be getting up in the dark.   By the time that happens, my metabolism will have kicked into winter mode (dropping temperatures will help with that) and I will have accepted that sleeping in will not be an option (unless I give up on getting anything done in the morning).

Until then, I will enjoy the extra time under the covers.