We got another seed catalog today, this one from Select Seeds Antique Flowers.  We hadn’t heard of them before and have never done business with them.  How did they know we were interested?  It’s very mysterious (or maybe just a coincidence).

I’m not complaining.  The arrival of the seed catalogs is very timely as it is not too early to start planning next—oops, I mean this—year’s garden.  If we are going to start anything from seed this year, we will need to make some quick decisions, order the seeds and make the necessary preparations.

Some seeds can be planted (indoors, of course) as early as February although mid-March is more like it (one gardener whose column in the local paper I read, Katherine Whiteside of Gardening Gusto, starts her garden with the planting of peas on St. Patrick’s Day).  It will be here before I know it!