The seeds we planted indoors a little over a week ago (see March 24, 2013) are showing no signs of life.  My thinking had been that with the seed trays in the direct (but diffused) light of a window, there would be enough heat during the day to initiate germination.  Mother Nature has not been cooperating, however, and the daily temperatures have been very cold, more like winter than spring.

It is probably no warmer anywhere else in the basement (with the possible exception of immediately adjacent to the furnace) and if we set the thermostat to a sufficiently high temperature, the entire basement would be heated (which would be wasteful).  Keeping the seed growing apparatus by the window still seems like the best location.

Therefore, we will try heating pads under the seed trays.  We have two of them—one large, one small—but neither is as big as a tray.  That means that at any given moment, only a part of two trays is sitting over a heating pad.  We will have to move the trays (or the heating pads) around so that all of the seeds get some direct heat.

Also, our heating pads are meant for humans, not seeds.  They are intended for short-term, attended operation and, in fact, one of them has an automatic shut-off feature which may need to be reset manually.  Using them will require active participation on my part.

And until the seeds sprout, neither Rachel nor I can do anything that might result in sore muscles.