Today was a big day for our garden.  The last of the indoor seeds—the Orange Sun bell peppers—have germinated and started to sprout.  They are emerging slowly and reluctantly, like sleepy children on a cold morning who do not want to get out of bed to get ready for school.

Meanwhile, in the west raised bed, both the beets and the peas have popped up.  Perhaps last night’s thunderstorm startled them into action.  It has been gray and cool these last few days and it was nice to get a deep watering—and light show—in reward for suffering through it.

Although it has been two weeks since we planted the initial batch of root crops, we’ve decided to wait another week until sowing seeds for the next round.  Last year, the beets and radishes were slow to develop in the early part of the season and as a result, there was not as much elongation of the harvest period as we had expected.  The longer delay should account for the colder temperatures.  If it warms up, we will not wait as long before planting the final row.

The only seedlings that have not shown themselves are the carrots.  I have heard that they are very sensitive to drying out and even when kept properly moist, can take a long time to germinate.  We’ll continue to coddle them (but won’t let them miss the school bus).