The Sugar Snap peas are sending up their tendrils, looking for something to grab on to.  So far, they have only found each other.  That’s not a bad thing—we all need to cling to our family at times—but to give them additional support, we reinstalled the trellis from last year.  We were able to remove it in one piece and it spent the winter in storage.  It went back in as easily as it came out.

Last year’s trellis only reaches halfway across the planter so we built another trellis, identical to the first, to complete the row.  The design is simple:  three vertical rods, equally spaced, tied together with a horizontal rod at the top.  This framework supports a pre-tied grid of nylon cords around which the pea tendrils will wrap themselves.

It’s simple but it requires a lot of knot tying.  This is not one of my strengths.  I was able to manage the pole-to-pole connections—with Rachel’s assistance—but attaching the nylon mesh was beyond me.  Rachel, on the other (smaller and more dexterous) hand, is a very skilled tyer of knots.  She did macramé as a child and had no trouble lashing the lattice to the frame’s perimeter.

With the trellis installed, along with the soaker hoses and watering timer I reinstalled earlier today, things are looking good in the west planter.  The second round of radishes, turnips, beets and carrots have all sprouted (in that order) over the last week.  They took half as long to germinate as the first round, a good sign of the increase in average daily temperature.  Some of the first batch of radishes—and maybe a few of the turnips—will be ready to pick soon.

We got things started in the east planter (looking barren in comparison) by sowing seeds for romaine and red leaf lettuce.  Our plan is to grow full heads of lettuce as opposed to the baby greens we tried last year.  For each variety, we planted three seeds in four locations.  If more than one seed germinates, we will allow all of them to grow to edible size before thinning (and eating) the smallest heads.  In a few weeks, we will plant the same amount again in a staggered arrangement.

[Today is the two-year anniversary of this blog.  My thanks to everyone who has been following our adventures in the garden.]