Slightly ahead of schedule, the lettuces have begun to sprout.

It is possible that they started a day or two earlier because, following the advice of Late Bloomer’s friend Farmer Jack (see the excellent “Planting Lettuce – Episode 7”), we had been keeping the lettuce covered with moist towels (actually, we used old napkins).  Also, the seedlings are very small.  Even had the ground not been covered, they would have been hard to spot.

The towel method works well.  We found that we needed to water the lettuce only once per day to keep it sufficiently moist that the soil never went dry.  In addition, by watering with the towel in place, I didn’t have to worry about disturbing the soil and seeds from the force of the water spray.  It’s too bad there is no way to keep the towel in place now that the sprouts are up.

We have also been following Farmer Jack’s admonition to “live in the garden” and visit all of the plants at least twice a day, morning and evening.  With luck, our lettuce (and other vegetables) will prosper as much as his.