The seedlings from the second round of lettuce planting have not been doing very well.  They popped up quickly enough but despite frequent watering, they are taking a beating from the relentless sun of the last few days.  It was unseasonably hot over the weekend—with temperatures in the 90s—and a few of the tiny seedlings have already withered in the heat.

If the attrition continues, we may have to reseed.  There should still be enough time to get a crop harvested before the average temperature increases above lettuce’s comfortable range.

Or, we might try Rachel’s idea to transplant—carefully—some of the heads from the first lettuce planting.  That sowing was more successful and there are three or four small heads growing in each location.  We will need to thin them anyway (our plan is to let only one or two grow larger) and rather than eat what we cull, we might fill in the gaps in the second planting.