The cucumber at the west end of the row shriveled up and died.  It went very quickly—practically overnight—and with no warning (not that having a warning would have helped).  Like before (see August 17, 2013), I pulled the vine out and disposed of it well away from the garden (after salvaging one nearly-ripe cucumber).  The remaining four plants look to be okay (not counting the powdery mildew on their leaves).

Each day in the garden, I take a tour of the squash and cucumber vines searching for spotted squash and striped cucumber beetles.  Usually, I find them hiding in the blossoms, especially the smaller flowers of the cucumber plants.  Bees often spend the night in the larger squash blossoms; I suspect that they do not make good roommates.

When I find the little varmints, I grant them no mercy (and that’s probably enough said about that).